Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

With its high binding affinity, high binding specificity, and lower adverse effect, antibody drug has significant advantage compared with other biological drugs. Fast gene-engineering technology development leads scientist to using various display library, making humanized antibody, and R&D new type of antibodies, which promote antibody drug fast development. All national phama-giant are focusing on the antibody drug R&D.

HuaBio has entered antibody R&D for more than 10 year, and has rich experience on antibody R&D and production. We also have yearly efforts on antibody drug lead R&D. We have owned the whole experiment process for antibody drug lead R&D, from antigen design and expression, animal immunization, splenocyte fusion, B cell cloning, HTS, IgG recombination, antibody expression and production, assay and antibody characterization, in vivo model test, antibody humanization and stable cell line R&D, etc. All could provide you with reliable R&D platform.

Our team had yearly antibody drug lead R&D experience, and some of the product has entered into clinical trial phase I and phase II. We also have a strong advisory members and close relationship with various research institute and companies. All is endeavoring to provide you with the best R&D service.

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